BRM 200 Zaprešić 2018.

Welcome to first brevet in Zaprešić. Easier route 204 km long with 2000 m of ascent arround Zagorje hills and partialy through Slovenia.

Start is at Saturday, 7.4.2018. at 8:00 in Aleja Đure Jelačića near Novi dvori castle. Brevet begining with macadam ride (180 m) through Chestnut tree lined more than 100 years old. Very soon coming first ascent to Marija Gorica. After descent, route continue in direction of Kumrovec and through Zagorska Sela coming to the Miljana border crossing. After entering Slovenia ride continue on cycle track to the first check point in Pristava pri Mestinju. There you should make a selfie in front of pond. Across the street is lake where you can see many bird species.

Cycle track, ImenoDonačka gora - view from Hum na Sutli

After returning to Croatia, route goes through Mali Tabor to Hum na Sutli with nice view of Slovenia hills and Macelj. Through Donje Jesenje and Gornje Jesenje route goes to Bednja and further to Lepoglava. Check point is in restaurant Ivančica where you will get stamp.

After Lepoglava continue in direction of Zlatar, Gornja Batina, Donja Batina, Konjšćina and small village Prepolno where is 3rd check point. Shot a selfie in front of WWII monument and continue in direction of Marija Bistrica where you will find last ascent to Laz Bistrički. At top of ascent is next check point where you need to make another selfie but this time in front of road sign “Sv. Matej 2km”.

After descent to Stubica and Stubičke Toplice, only few small bumps and ascent from Pojatno to Zaprešić are left. Last 2 km of few percentage descent coming up and that’s it. Finish is in front of restaurant High Club where warm soup waiting for you.

We will waiting you at the finish untill 21:30.

Helmet, front white and rear red light, and reflective vest are mandatory for the ride during the night and poor visibility conditions. Pocket tool, pump, patch kit and spare tube are recommended.
Don’t forget some ID that you can entry to Slovenia!


Registration fee is 70 kn with meal at finish included. All official finishers can order commemorative medal (price is 70 kn). Registrations (and cancellations) are open until Thursday, 5.4.2018. at 23:59. You can submit your registration here.


  • Road book BRM 200 km Zaprešić
  • map BRM 200 km Zaprešić
  • gpx files BRM 200 km Zaprešić
  • Before the start, every participant will receive road book, map and brevet card and need to sign the Liability Statement